Our team is made of highly qualified engineers and technicians with a clear diversification of missions

Nowadays, Environmental protection and awareness are at the heart of the corporate citizenship, driving more and more companies to acquire and invest in the necessary projects to preserve nature and protect the land-base.

Green Proteins Tunisia is a 100% Tunisian company operating since 2013. GPT is leading the way in the field of waste recovery by making the collection, sorting, and processing of poultry by-products.

Green Proteins has set up a next generation factory equipped with the latest cutting edge technologies in order to produce high quality products that are destined to be used mainly as raw materials for the manufacturing of animal food.

Green Proteins Tunisia collects poultry by-products from slaughterhouses all throughout Tunisia and ensures their transportation in special trucks to its factory.

Our team is made of highly qualified engineers, technicians and veterinarians that are passionate and trustworthy which make us able to respond rapidly to changing market forces as well as our clients’ individual wishes.


Build a strong customer
base and suppliers

Ensuring high quality
Competitive prices
Looking for and setting the highest standards in products ,equipment and servises


Ability to overcome difficulties


Non stop development

Availability 7/7

A company that is based on team work/spirit